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My name is Petra, and I like to welcome you to my blog.

Avoiding Mistakes

Mistakes to Avoid When Exercising   Have you made mistakes when you first started exercising? I admit, I know I have. Let's analyze what kind of mistakes I have made in the past. I tried exercises that did not fit me or my lifestyle at that time, I had set my...

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Keeping up your Motivation

  Keeping up your Motivation   Can you keep up your motivation? And what are some tips to get motivated? How do you keep your motivation up? I personally experienced, that my brain suddenly tells me, ah…it’s okay to skip today, one time skipping your...

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Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Anxiety and Panic Attacks  Have you ever had an anxiety or a panic attack?   I think this is a topic that many feel uncomfortable to talk about, but I believe that the first step to understanding anxiety or panic attacks is to talk to a professional. I don't...

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Fun and Frugal Family Outings

Fun and Frugal Family Outings – without killing your Budget  Having fun and doing things with family and friends is just simply the best. At least, I think spending precious time with our families and or friends is the best we can do to create lasting memories and...

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Credit Repair Tips

Options for Credit Repairing Recently I wrote a blog post on how to create a family budget, in this post I want to share two options on how to repair bad credit. Bad credit, can happen to anyone, and at that point, we need to have a little knowledge of how to do some...

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Creating a Family Budget

How to Create a Family Budget   Managing money and taking care of finance related things are not everyone’s forte, I am sure. In my family, which is my husband and myself, I happen to be the one that takes care of paying the bills, checking the credit card...

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Petra Jackson

Petra Jackson

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Welcome to Delightful Living!  Thanks for following my journey through improving life by discovering inspiring tips to de-stress, have a relaxing day, make good nutrition choices and just enjoy life!  My goal is to share a little bit of what I find beneficial, interesting or just plain cute and fun!  I hope you enjoy your visit.


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