About Us

My name is Petra and I am a start-up blogger and creator of Delightful Living LLC. I am currently living in Germany with my husband Randy. I have lived in the beautiful State of North Carolina before as well as in Chicago. For now, we call the German wine street in the Rhineland-Palatinate region our home.

I think with living partially in the US, and in Germany, having adopted lots of American habits, but still following and loving my German roots and traditions – I qualify to be called a  “Germerican”.

I am an accountant by profession, with a 7-4 full-time job. I love my job – I am very passionate when it comes to numbers.

What brought me to start this blog, was actually my husband. I wanted to do something fresh and didn’t really know what.  So, he encouraged me to start my own blog and write about what interests me.

I have always loved to take care of my mind and body, and I like financials, so why not share my knowledge. 

I also love our rides with our 2010 HD Ultra Classic, where we explore the roads in Germany.

I am delighted to have you visit my site.




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