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My name is Petra and I am a start-up blogger and creator of Delightful Living LLC. I am currently living in Germany with my husband Randy. I have lived in the beautiful State of North Carolina before as well as in Chicago. For now, we call the German wine street in the Rhineland-Palatinate region our home.

I think with living partially in the US, and in Germany, having adopted lots of american habits, but still following and loving my german roots and traditions – I quality to be called a  “Germerican”.

I am an accountant by profession, with a 7-4 full time job. I love my job – I am very passionate when it comes to numbers.

What brought me to re-think my life – I believe the medical issues that I have and my age.  I just wanted to start something new, and exiting, so this is where it lead.

I started to look at how to treat my body better, and how to ease my mind. Fuel my body with the right food but at the same time make it less stressful to figure out what is for dinner. I wanted a house and home that energizes me and makes me feel destressed.

I hope you enjoy your visit to my site.



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