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Fresh Brewed Coffee


Variation One – The Jura




I like coffee, especially in the morning, there is nothing better than a freshly brewed cup java after getting up. I like to sit and relax, wake up and enjoy a cup before my day starts.  Or how about a nice cup after getting home from work?  Although I don’t over-indulge, I do like to have a cup or two throughout the day.


 Now, do you like coffee as much as I do?


I’m putting together a 3-part series on making coffee to help you discover a style that is right for you.  Although there are many different ways of making a good cup of coffee, I want to share the three ways I learned while living in Europe, maybe one of these will become your favorite.

What will be your favorite way to enjoy coffee?


The first variation I want to share with you, and the focus of this article, is the fully automatic way.  This is how I make my coffee daily.  During the work week, I don’t always have time to make a French press or Italian espresso, but it doesn’t mean I want to just throw together a watery substandard cup of caffeine either!  Although I do on occasion drink “drip” or “pod” coffee when traveling or at a friend/family member’s house, it’s not my preferred daily cup.


About 20 years ago the fully automated coffee machines started coming down in price and becoming more common in households in Europe.  The ability to fill a machine with fresh coffee beans and water, push one button to fresh grind and have a single cup brewed on-demand took off.  With a push of a button, you can enjoy a ristretto, espresso, cappuccino, or a latte macchiato or just a regular coffee.  So, naturally, I was hooked!



I’ve had many different machines over the years, but I fell in love with the brand Jura.  I am currently on my second Jura.  The first I bought used off a friend who moved back to the USA and couldn’t take it with due to the different voltage requirements.  That machine was about 4 years old and I ended up using if for about another 4 years.  The durability and quality of coffee really impressed me, so when I was ready for a new machine, I knew I wanted another Jura.  I now have the Jura Impressa J9 model and look forward to years of superb coffee.  But, that’s not where the story of the old Jura ends, I sold it to another friend, and it is still running it today! A testament to quality.


The Impressa J9 has now been replaced with the J90 but in principal functions the same.  The J90 does have an improved Aroma grinder, that now grinds your beans twice as fast, so you can enjoy your coffee or your latte macchiato even faster.  Both machines are one-touch enabled to make our favorite beverage.  You can make espresso, coffee Americano (normal coffee), cappuccino, and latte macchiato all with the push of one button!   I don’t believe the J90 model is available in the US, but this Jura Model Z6 has the same layout and functions and operates very similar to my Jura Model. Down below is a Video on how to make a Flat White on the Jura Z6 Model.

The key to the long levity of our machine lies in the TLC that I give it!

How do you know when to clean your coffee machine?


The machine will tell you when I is due for a cleaning or decalcifying.  It has an automatic program to do both cleaning and decalcifying and is no work on me at all!  I just have to empty the container once or twice when the machine prompts. The cleaning cycle runs around 20 minutes and the decalcifying for about 40 minutes.


I use the Jura branded cleaning and decalcifying tablets.



Where I live, I have a lot of calcium in my tap water, so I use Jura filters in the water tank to prevent build up in the machine, this helps prevent build up and along with the decalcifying process keeps the machine running smooth.


We really enjoy our Jura and friends and family do as well, when they visit, they bring freshly roasted beans as a little gift, and they will get their favorite beverage from our Jura in return.


I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know what type and kind of coffee is your favorite.


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 Fresh – Brewed – Coffee —- makes me happy!

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