Coffee Making Variations – The French Press

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Fresh Brewed Coffee

Variation Two – The French Press

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Last time you visited I shared the first variation of how I prepare coffee, which was the fully automatic coffee machine. Today, I want to share the second way I make my coffee, The French Press!

Come along on the second stop in our journey to find out which type of coffee might become your favorite!

So, on days when I don’t have to go to work and I can take my time in the morning, I like to take my time and make a fresh cup of coffee in my French press. The French press produces a richer, bolder coffee, but it does take a bit more time to prepare, but it pays off. You might agree with me after you take the first sip!

A French press is usually made of a special kind of glass, but it is also available made from different materials. I personally prefer one made out of borosilicate glass.

 French press facts:

            First invented in the 1850s in France by Paolini Ugo

            The first patent for a French press was filed in 1929 by Attilio Calimani and Giulio Moneta

            The first design was later improved by the Italian designer Faliero Bondanini

Making a cup of coffee in a French press is rather simple. The coffee grounds are being steeped in hot water, and then the grounds are pressed out. Essential to brew a good and tasty coffee, is getting the water temperature right as well as having a good grind.  I use an electric grinder and grind my beans fresh at the time I want to use them. I do not grind them into a real powdery consistency, as they need to be coarse for French press brewing. I also use an electric water boiler. I can recommend the Tea & Coffee Kettle by Breville. Mine is not as fancy and due to the voltage requirements, I am not able to use it in Germany.  Once the water is boiled, I let it sit for about one minute before pouring it over. This seems to be a good temperature, for brewing in a French press.  Let the coffee steep for 3-4 minutes, then press down gently on the plunger, as far as it will go easily. I don’t recommend pressing too hard on the plunger, as it can press the grounds through the filter which will result in having the grounds in your coffee.

What kind of French Press and grinder should you use?

I personally use the Kitchen Supreme French press, which is in the average price range, along with an electric coffee grinder by Shardor. The press is plastic free, made of German Borosilicate Glass, and has a stainless-steel bottom and double lid. It comes with a lifetime satisfaction warranty. Below you find a short video on how to use the French Press by Kitchen Supreme.

I personally use a grinder made by MayOcean, which is 220 volts, since I am in Europe, but I can recommend this grinder made by Cuisinart. It is an automatic burr mill grinder and has an 18- position selector for different grinds. It allows for the ultra-fine grind for espresso makers, or extra coarse for French presses. It has a removable grind chamber, that holds enough ground coffee for 32 cups.


How and when to clean your French Press?

A French press does not require any specific cleaning cycle, as opposed to the fully automatic coffee machines. After each use, I take my French press apart and wash all parts with dish soap and dry them thoroughly. This prevents stains, buildups and bacteria spreading in your French press.

Since I live in a region of Germany with a lot of calcium in my tap water, I always clean my French press after each use, to avoid those buildups, bacteria and calcium stains.

To make a good cup of coffee takes a minimum effort in the French press and the reward is delicious. We truly love to enjoy a cup of coffee from the French press whenever we can.

Will the French Press be your favorite coffee making variation?

I hope you enjoyed the second part of my three-part series on making coffee.  Join me next time to finish our journey and then tell me what you’ve decided!

Fresh – Brewed – Coffee — makes me happy!



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