Fun and Frugal Family Outings

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Fun and Frugal Family Outings – without killing your Budget

 Having fun and doing things with family and friends is just simply the best. At least, I think spending precious time with our families and our friends is the best we can do to create lasting memories and enjoy life.


Honestly, the time we spend with our families is priceless. But the most popular family activities are quite expensive. Even a simple night at the movies can put a serious dent in the budget by the time you buy tickets, popcorn, and drinks for everyone.

Fortunately, there are cheaper alternatives to expensive family outings. They provide the opportunity to have just as much fun at a fraction of the cost. Some are even free.


Here are some amazing ideas for fun activities that will not kill your budget.


Movies and Music

Kids are often itching to see the newest releases at the movie theater. Doing so even once a month, however, can get pricey. One alternative, where available is the drive-in. Admission is usually much cheaper than it is at a regular theater, and some let you bring your own drinks and snacks. Drive-ins usually show fairly new releases, so the kids can say they saw something that’s not out on video yet.

Some theaters offer reduced-price matinees during the day. Some even have free kid-oriented movies on weekend days. These options offer the theater experience without the outrageous cost.

Kids often want to go to concerts, but tickets to see the most famous bands are far from cheap. Check your local paper for free concerts in the park. Many areas have them during the warm months. Young children can enjoy the music without the huge crowds and deafening sound systems, and older children might gain an appreciation for less well-known bands.


The Great Outdoors

Nature offers a wealth of possibilities for family outings. Camping is a wonderful activity for families, and it doesn’t have to be expensive. It can be as simple as pitching a tent in the back yard, or you can spring for a camper and rent space at a campground. Bring your grill and some hamburgers or hot dogs, or catch some fish to fry. And what better finish to a camping day than storytelling and making smores.

Parks are great for day trips. Those with playground equipment can keep youngsters entertained for hours on end. Hiking trails offer opportunities for exercise and exploration.  Most parks have picnic facilities, so you can pack a lunch instead of eating out.


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Beaches and Lakes

If you live near a beach or a lake, with a public sandy beach you can build a sandcastle, fly a kite, go snorkeling, or buggy board, just to name a few water-related fun activities. And if you pack a picnic basket and drinks that will keep the entire family fed and happy, you just created a fun day full of activities for everyone.



Other Ideas

Here are some more inexpensive family activities to consider:


* Play miniature golf. Admission is usually quite reasonable, and it provides the opportunity for relaxed yet engaging family competition.

* Visit a petting zoo. These small zoos do not have the exotic animals you see at larger ones, but kids can feed and pet the animals.

* Go to a museum. Some offer cheap or free admission, while others cost more. But the larger and more expensive ones often sell season passes, so if you live close by, you can visit numerous times for one low price.

* Go boating. If you’re fortunate enough to live near a body of water, boating is fun and relaxing. Canoe and paddleboat rentals are inexpensive, and when you’re done boating there are usually other cheap or free activities in the area.

* Attend events at a nearby college. These may include plays, concerts, dance recitals, and movie showings. Prices are low, and student discounts usually apply to kids, too.



Having fun as a family doesn’t require a six-figure income. If you look hard enough, you can find lots of free or cheap activities that parents and kids can enjoy just about anywhere.


I want to share a few fun activities that my Nice Emma loves the most, which are low to no cost and create precious memories.


She loves to play restaurant with her great-grandmother and my brother, which is done sitting in my Mom’s backyard and making flower cakes, sand cakes, and muddy drinks from grass, flowers, and herbs she picks out of my Moms garden.

She can spend hours wearing her Mermaid tail splashing in her grandma’s pool.

Lighting torches and doing a night hike are amongst her favorite that she does with her Mom.

Creating an open-air cinema in the back yard and watching one of her favorite movies, enjoying popcorn or ice cream is a summer fun activity she enjoys.


Getting ready to make some splashes


Sometimes, it is just the idea we need to have to create some fun stuff to do as a family, depending on the season and how much we can spend on it, and sometimes it is absolutely free.


 What are some fun and frugal activities that you enjoy doing with your kids and family, I love to hear from you.

Be creative, be safe and have fun.







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