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Ever thought about how safe your cleaning products are for yourself and your loved ones?


Have you ever put much thought into your cleaning products? I know I have not, until a few months ago.

My routine in the past was if I saw a commercial with some miracle cleaning product, next time I went shopping I bought it to try it out. And most of the time the cleaning power was there, but what else had I put in my home and on my body?  This is until a friend of mine sent me something to read. It was a study on national brand cleaners and their effect on your health. That kinda shook me up. 

I honestly have never given that much thought into this topic until then, not only are those cleaners damaging for the person who is doing the cleaning, but also for the rest of the family members that live there. I imagined my friend’s little one and when they come to visit he crawls around on the floor and then sticks his little fingers or toys that were on the floor in his mouth. That is just what baby’s do. But it does not stop there, if you have a pet, they will lick their paws, and with it the residue that is left on the floor from your cleaners that you have used. 

In our home, I am the one who does all the cleaning, so I wanted to make a change. And that is not to say, that I enjoy cleaning, actually far from it.  LOL. Not only for me but for my husband and whoever else that does sometimes hang out with us in our home. So I switched my cleaning products to safe products, that my friend introduced me to. And so far, I have had no regrets.

Let me share with you a bit more about these products and the company that manufactures them.  

The Ingredients they use:

Citric acid

Thyme oil

Melaleuca Oil

Essential Oils

Sodium Citrate

are just a few of their powerful ingredients. 

What they don’t use:

Chlorine bleach



are just a few of harsh chemicals that they don’t use, just to name a few harmful ingredients that can damage your health.

What else I love about the Company, is that the manufacturing and distribution take place in North America. Their products are very affordable, as they don’t invest any money in advertisement, to cut their costs. These savings are being invested back into product development. This company is one of the very few that offer highly concentrated products, which also helps to reduce cost, and plastic waste.  It always is an important factor for me to reduce the waste we create, so this was another point of consideration that made me switch to these products. 

I am curious who is cleaning at your home, and do you feel safe using the products you are using?


If you are interested to learn more about these amazing products, or how to order them please send me an email or connect with me on Facebook Messenger.



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Be safe and enjoy life.





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