How to eat locally and seasonally in Winter

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Yes, You Can Eat Locally and Seasonally in Winter –

Here’s How

Do you crave sometimes the foods that are not in Season? I know, I do. And I have to admit that in the past I gave in to these cravings. I remember about 2 years ago, in the dead of winter all of a sudden, I wanted Strawberries. OMG, Strawberries in the winter in Germany. What on earth was I thinking? Well, I did go to our local grocery store and sure enough, they did have Strawberries from Spain AND I bought them. Overpriced, and not tasty at all. They did not even smell like Strawberries, and they tasted like water.

Well, right then and there I decided to not ever do that again, and I have been sticking with that rule since.

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Eating locally grown and seasonal produce year-round provides great benefits to your health and the environment. Produce that is grown locally and consumed in season offers the most nutrients and better flavors. It is easy to adapt to this rule, once you get an understanding of how to accomplish it.

Investing in local produce also reduces pollution because of less travel time resulting in fewer greenhouse gasses being released into our atmosphere. Buying produce that is grown by local farmers also boosts the local economy by circulating more money and creating more jobs.

As winter approaches the fear of not being able to buy locally grown seasonal vegetables might be setting in. However, doing so is not completely out of reach during the winter and you should push that fear aside. It just takes a little extra planning and research on where to go in your area.


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Here are a few ways to eat locally and seasonally during winter:

Join a CSA

A CSA or community-supported agriculture Is a program that allows a community to buy fresh, locally grown produce year-round. Anyone who becomes a member pays a yearly fee and gets their share of produce every week or every other week. This is a great way to ensure you get locally grown and seasonal produce during the winter. It is also convenient, helps support small farms and contributes to the local economy. Here is a link you can use to find a CSA program in your area.

Farmers Markets

In some locations across the united states, there are farmers markets that last year-round. If you are not lucky enough to have this option, get to know the farmers before the market closes for the season. Ask if they have any options available during the winter season. Here is a link you can use to find local Farmers Markets in your area.

Start Your Own Garden

Starting your own vegetable garden is your best bet at getting seasonal produce. The best part is that its right outside your door and saves you money over time. Winter squash and root vegetables such as parsnips can be harvested during the wintertime. Plan and know when to prepare your garden so you can have plenty of produce during the winter.

Working in your own garden comes with other benefits, for some of us working in our garden is great stress relief. It adds a bit of exercise to our day as well. It also brings us close to nature. If the sun is out, our body will appreciate the extra vitamin D we are producing.

You can start a small fun garden for your young children.  I remember when I was little my Mom would make me a little tiny garden every year, with a few vegetables in it and even some flowers. And if she was working in hers, I was working and playing in mine.

Check out my Pinterest board for lots of gardening tips.

With a little planning, research, and dedication eating locally grown and seasonal produce is not impossible. If all these options are not available to you buy in-season produce at your local grocery stores. Focus on root vegetables, winter squash, and pumpkins. Staying in the season even if not locally grown still provides the best nutrients.

I found this useful gadget, that I think is just fabulous to know which produce and fruit are in season. Check out these beautiful fridge magnets. 

My best find on the net to start a garden is the seed sets sold by Open See Vault.  They have non-GMO, non-hybrid, heirloom vegetable, herb garden, and wildflower garden starter sets.


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If you have any tips on how to eat locally and seasonally, please share them with me in the comment section, I would like to hear from you.


Let’s support local farms. Help our environment and be seasonal.

Be happy and enjoy life.

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