Keeping up your Motivation

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Keeping up your Motivation


Can you keep up your motivation? And what are some tips to get motivated?

How do you keep your motivation up? I personally experienced, that my brain suddenly tells me, ah…it’s okay to skip today, one time skipping your exercise doesn’t hurt anything. Wouldn’t it be nice, just to sit and relax and sip a cold drink? Oh boy….here we go.


Well, let me tell you, you give in on skipping your routine one time, cause really one time, it is like not skipping at all. Right? More than likely you will do it again, and soon enough this will be the new routine you have somehow adapted.


It almost happened to me, but only almost, unless I am sick and really can’t exercise, I push not to give in to any lame excuse.  I consider myself lucky, usually, it does not take too much to motivate myself to go put on my exercise cloth, put my favorite music on, and off I go.


For most people, the hardest part of the exercise is not the part where you lift weight or run. It’s finding the will and motivation to do it in the first place. Plenty of people find themselves slipping away from their exercise routine because they have trouble maintaining motivation.


Let’s explore some tips, that will keep you sticking to your exercise habits, and keep your motivation up.


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Do What You Like

The beauty of exercise is that it covers so many activities. Some people might get exercise by running laps. Others might get it by lifting weights or shooting hoops. If there’s a way you can work your body in a way that benefits you, that’s all you need. Work on developing motivation by starting off with activities you already get enjoyment out of. For more difficult tasks, try to see how you can make them more enjoyable.

Make It a Habit

The easiest way to turn an activity into a habit is to do it every day. It’s one thing to promise to yourself that you’ll exercise every day, but you have to take measures to make sure you can stick to it. Bring your gym clothes with you to work so that you can easily change into them. Fight back against any urge to skip out on exercising when you don’t have any reason not to go. The more you can stick to your exercise, the easier it will be to make it into a habit.

Get an Exercise Buddy

Some people enjoy exercising by themselves. They like how the solitude lets them clear their mind and focus on their exercise. However, if you’re particularly social, you may have a better time exercising with a partner. You can enjoy their company and work to motivate one another. If you’re having trouble with a certain exercise, a partner can show you how to make it easier on you or give you the encouragement needed to pull through.


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Use an upbeat Music

Listening to your favorite music can also do the trick, if you enjoy dancing and tunes, why not make this your new exercise routine. Since it entails things you already enjoy, it will be even easier to stick with this mood-enhancing exercise routine.

Find Joy in It

Exercise shouldn’t be viewed as something you have to do. The idea of viewing anything that does our minds so much good as a punishment is absurd. Learn to develop a positive relationship with exercise by thinking of it as something you “get” to do. To have the ability and time to enjoy exercise is something that should never be taken for granted. To keep your motivation up, learn to smile at the sound of the word “exercise” and any similar terminology.


Track Your Progress

Exercise can get frustrating when it feels like you’re not making any progress. However, every workout you complete is another step forward. In order to make your progress feel more apparent, you might want to keep a log. At the end of a workout, write down what you were able to get done. Even if your accomplishment is being able to run a bit further than you could the day before, it’s still a sign of progress.

So many have trouble with exercise motivation because they see the negatives of exercise far more than the positives. If you want to find the motivation to exercise, you need to have an upbeat perspective on it. Only then can you make exercise into something that you actively crave.


Once you have that routine of exercising, keeping up your motivation will be a breath. You will realize how much better your mind and body feel, and how much your body benefits from regular exercise.


Please share, if you have any other tip’s on how to keep up your motivation and how did you choose the perfect exercise that fits you, your family and your lifestyle best.


Stay safe, keep motivated and let’s do some exercising.




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