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Amazing work from home or anywhere Gig



Use safe products, help the environment and make money from home at the same time.


We all look for opportunities to make money from the convenience of our home. I think it sounds enticing to all of us, to sit on a beach or by a pool or just on our deck overlooking our favorite landscape while working on a laptop or a phone, versus sitting in a large office building or in a grocery store working the regular schedule every day.


 There are ways to achieve this if you really put your head to it and work on it. Anyone who will tell you, just make one phone call, or spend 10 minutes posting something to Facebook and earn $5K, is not high on my list. There is no super-easy way to make money from home without putting a bit of elbow grease into it.


What keeps me going in the pursuit of making money online is the freedom to be able to do all the things that make me enjoy life more, like sitting on my porch and do my work, go for a walk and continue to work after an hour of fresh air to recharge my batteries. 


What is your goal that you want to reach by working from home?

Have more time with family, take your dog to the park, buy something extra to spoil yourself or a loved one. Whatever the reason is, I am sharing my very own personal way with you to achieve your goals.

This is my personal side hustle, and I want to share everything about it with you.


But first, I want to tell you a bit more about how I came to this side hustle.  About a year ago, a friend of mine kept telling me about these awesome products she was using. So, I started to chat more about these products with her until I finally asked her to send me the information so I can see which ones I wanted to try out. So, I went ahead and joined so I could finally try these amazing products, and I really came to love them.  At the point when I joined, we were still living in Germany, and their product catalog was not as extensive as the one that is available stateside but had plenty for me to choose from. After a few months, I decided to jump in full blast and make this my first side hustle ever.


Now, since we moved to Colorado in October 2019, I get to choose from an even bigger palette of products, that are not only good for my husband and me, but also for the environment.



Let me share what I love most about the products and the Company.


The Ingredients

The ingredients they use in their cleaning, and laundry products just blew me away; citric acid, thyme oil, melaleuca oil, and essential oils just to name a few. What they don’t use is harsh chemicals. We just don’t realize how much all these harsh chemicals like chlorine bleach, for example, affect our health. Especially us women, who do the majority of the cleaning at home and are breathing in chemicals that are very harmful as a study of brand name cleaners revealed. 

The Manufacturing 

The manufacturing takes place in North America, which I think is wonderful. I always TRY to aim for products made in the US as it helps our economy. But I do also love products made in Germany, I guess you can’t take the German out of me for good 😊. The Company doesn’t use any advertisement, it really is just like me telling you about their products, so they are saving these costs and put these funds back into product development. Another way they are able to cut costs is by offering their products in a highly concentrated form, which not only cuts costs in the packaging but also saves plastic packaging, which results in less trash that fills up our oceans.

The supplements and vitamins 

The supplements and vitamins offer a new technology that enables the body a better absorption of the mineral supplements. They cover just about any area, that you can think of and I have a favorite that I buy for myself.



How you make money with this side hustle.



Join the company, the yearly membership fee is around $24

Lots of times they have a sign up special and then the membership for one-year is only $1

Shop for your monthly products at the preferred price and earn loyalty $$$$

Educate yourself about the Company and the products, its all free for members

Start networking to spread the word of mouth about the products you love

Educate new members about the products and the company

Add people who are interested in a sneak peek to the site

Sign new customers up and help them get around the site and place their first order



That’s it.  


If you are interested to join me in this awesome side hustle, please send me an email or connect with me on Facebook Messenger.



If you found this post helpful, please share it and save it to your money-making board! Thank you!


Be safe and enjoy life.





Petra Jackson

Petra Jackson

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