Coffee Making Variations – The Moka Machine

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Fresh Brewed Coffee

Variation Three – The Moka Machine

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Isn’t it unfortunate, to love a good Espresso and not live in Italy to enjoy this creamy wake me up coffee all the time?

A true Italian Espresso is usually made in a high-end Espresso machine, that you can find in coffee bars throughout Italy. These machines come with a high price tag and will cost easily several thousand dollars. But, a lot of Italians make them at home without that machine, and today I’m going to show you how!

So, I had to figure out, the next best Espresso I can make at home. I was very fortunate, as my Cousin is married to an Italian. So, I learned from a Pro, I have to give credit to her on this one. So, I usually enjoy an Espresso after a meal, it just rounds it up for me.

So, we are on the last stop on our journey to find out which type of coffee might become your favorite.

The first variation I had shared with you, was the fully automatic coffee machine. The second variation I shared with you, was the French press. Today, I want to share the third and last way I make my coffee, in this case, an Espresso, and maybe one of the three will become your favorite.

Here are some interesting facts about Espresso:

In 1884 Angelo Moriondo patented a steam-driven coffee beverage making device

In 1901 Luigi Bezzera made several improvements to the steam-driven espresso machine

In 1933 Alfonso Bialetti’s an Italian engineer invented the stove top Moka Pot

So, the “crema” is the initial light/tawny colored liquid that comes out during an espresso extraction

One shot of espresso requires 50 coffee beans

Espresso is a type of bean, not a particular roast


The device I use, and we’re going to discuss today, is the Bialetti Mocha Express 3 cup Espresso Maker.  The Moka pot is made out of aluminum, but you can also find them made out of stainless steel or other alloys.  The cast aluminum pot features the distinctive eight-sided shape that diffuses heat perfectly to enhance the aroma of your coffee. Moka pots come in different sizes and are measured by the Espresso cup 1-12.

To make this Espresso takes only a few minutes and the reward is delicious.  The bottom chamber is filled with water, then heated steam pressure pushes the water through a basket containing finely ground and packed coffee, into the collecting chamber. This method of making an Espresso is done on the stove top.


The Espresso flavor intensity, richness, and boldness depends on which kind of bean you are using, the roast level of the beans, the grinding of the beans, as well as the water. I had to try different roasts before I found one that my husband and I both enjoy equally. The crema of the Espresso is determined by these factors.

Which coffee grinder to use?

I personally use a grinder made by MayOcean, which is 220 volts, since I am in Europe, but I can recommend this grinder made by Cuisinart. It is an automatic burr mill grinder and has an 18- position selector for different grinds. It allows for the ultra-fine grind for espresso makers, or extra coarse for French presses. It has a removable grind chamber, that holds enough ground coffee for 32 cups.

How and when to clean your Espresso Machine?

Moka pots require little care. After each use, I take my Moka pot apart and wash all parts with dish soap and rinse them good before drying them thoroughly. This helps to prevent bacteria buildup and calcium stains. Once in a while, I rinse it out with vinegar, which takes any buildup out. I do recommend, to periodically change the seals and filters.

There you have it, three outstanding ways to make and enjoy coffee!  I hope you enjoyed this 3-part series and have taken a little away from it.  Please take time to comment and share this series on Facebook, Pinterest and wherever you do your Social connecting.

Which Coffee variation did you like best? Do you do something different?  Share!


Fresh – Brewed – Coffee — makes me happy!


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