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My name is Petra, and I like to welcome you to my blog.

Benefits of Outdoor Activities

  Benefits of Outdoor Activities   I love to be outdoors; do you love the outdoors? Needless to say, my favorite season is spring and summer. I am born a winter baby in the middle of December, and while I enjoy winter with its snowcapped trees and...

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Exercising as a Form of Self-Care

  Why Self-care and Exercising are a Team   It is a well-researched fact that exercise promotes physical wellbeing, but current studies now indicate that consistent, moderate exercise throughout the week also aids in mental well-health. From stress...

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Healing Herbal Tea

Healing Herbal Tea   When you are searching for a good tea to drink, why not choose one that is not only flavorful but also good for you? This is where healing herbal teas come in. I personally love to drink tea, regardless of the season. I know some people...

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Easter Home Decor

Easter Décor  Happy Easter - Pascua de Resurreccion - Pasen - Pasqua - Ecatep –– Frohe Ostern – no matter what the language here is some facts about Easter: Easter is the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ in the Christian religion Eggs have been seen as...

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Petra Jackson

Petra Jackson

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Welcome to Delightful Living!  Thanks for following my journey through improving life by discovering inspiring tips to de-stress, have a relaxing day, make good nutrition choices and just enjoy life!  My goal is to share a little bit of what I find beneficial, interesting or just plain cute and fun!  I hope you enjoy your visit.


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