Answer the Public

If you write your own blog and are searching for content ideas, you will love this tool. AnswerThePublic is kind of like a search engine. As you type keywords into the search box, you are presented with questions real people have typed into Goggle, which gives you a hint of their motivations and emotions. It gives you a simple visualization of the data, that then can be used to create useful content for your next post.  This insight is there for anybody to use and I use it very regularly and I get a lot of inspiration from this tool. They are offering a free short email course to learn more about using the autocomplete data for ideas. They offer a free version, for bloggers & solo marketers, but it is only a throttles use. If you go Pro it is $99 a month, but you get an abundance of features, like language and location-based results, high-resolution images and comparing reports. You can sign up through this link




If you design your own graphics for Pinterest and Facebook, you will love Canva. It is a graphic-design tool website, that uses drag-and-drop formats with over a million photographs. Or you can upload your own Media if you choose to and use their photo filters to enhance them.  Icons, shapes, and elements are easy to use. Hundreds of fonts make it fun to find the one you love. I design all my social media graphics with them. They have a free version that includes two folders to organize your design, 1 GB storage, access to over 8,000 templates, uploading your own images, and access to photos for starting as low as $1. The Canva Pro version comes with a price tag of $12.95 a month and includes a ton of features.  If you want to try the free version first, you can upgrade for 30 days to Canva Pro for free and if you don’t like it you can cancel it anytime during the trial period. Go check it out right here





The hustle and flow Planner

You don’t have to be an entrepreneur in order to fall in love with this plannerall about balancing business with daily self-care and personal development to build your empire on a strong foundation. Your business is an extension of you, which means your business won’t flourish if you don’t! Tons of writing space is included to track your business growth, organize your day however you need to in order to maximize productivity, plan out your social media, and map out your monthly goals to design your freedom on your terms and help you find your inner badass boss babe.




Grammarly comes in very handy if you do a lot of writing. You always want the best writing on your posts, you can achieve this with Grammarly as it checks for contextual spelling errors and for grammar errors. Grammarly will make sure all your writings are clear, mistake-free, and impactful.  Adding Grammarly to Chrome means that your spelling and grammar will be vetted on Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Tumblr, and nearly everywhere else you write on the web.  If you want to supercharge your writing, you can opt for the Premium version, which gives you over 100 more types of additional error checking, vocabulary enhancement, detects plagiarism and citation suggestions, academic, technical and creative writing style suggestions. This comes with a decent price tag of $ 11.66 a month if billed annually. If you opt for the free version you get grammar, spelling and punctuation errors fixed, and wordiness.  You can always test the free version and opt into the premium version at any time.




Get Happy Zone

Jackie Rucka of JR International is the founder of Get Happy Zone, a platform for professionals to tap into their purpose and find the happiness of doing what they love. Her coaching and mentoring are simple with consistent habits and accountability. Her five simple steps include journaling, meditating, visualizing, goal setting and positive self-talk, exercise, and time management and daily planning. Her happiness blog is full of inspiration.  There are workshops, coaching packages, and a VIP coaching session for super-committed individuals who are ready to bring their business into gear. You can find more information and her happiness blog here and her services here

Her book “Get Happy and Create a Kick-Butt Life”  is available through Amazon





This is by far my favorite Plugin that I use.  And if you are serious about getting traffic to your website, you might want to consider using this Social Media Plugin for WordPress. This Plugin is packed with features, and super easy to use. Their customer service if you do have a question is outstanding. When I first started to use it, I had an issue with the picture that was being shared to my FB and my Pinterest account, and after I raised a support ticket, within the hour I got a response and one person consistently ( thank you Alex for all your help) helped me to figure out what the issue was. After an update to the Plugin, everything worked like a charm.

What you’ll get with this plugin, just to show a few of the features are:

  • Icons for over 100 platforms
  • Over 20 icon design options
  • Over 200 themed design styles, matching the topic of your website
  • The best sharing, liking & following features
  • Place the icons exactly where you want 
  • Optimized icons for mobile display
  • Keeps your site loading fast
  • Show share counts
  • Select from a range of functions for your email icon
  • Show a pop-up asking users to like, share or follow you, with various setting options
  • No “Powered by”-link, i.e. your site stays clean
  • Many more settings and options








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