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I am one of these people, that can never decide which one of the four seasons is their favorite. When wintertime comes, I just love everything about it. I love that it gets cold and I can cuddle up on my sofa with a hot chocolate or a spiced cider.  I think it just looks so lovely when I get up in the morning and everything has been powdered white by nature and everything is glistening in the sun. It is the same with food.  Who wouldn’t like a homemade stew with freshly baked bread, or a casserole with a nice cheesy sauce when it is really cold outside and you just got home from Christmas shopping or building a snowman.


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Each one of us has their go-to favorite comfort foods they like to enjoy in the winter. Comfort foods typically have rich textures and flavors. They are steaming hot and often creamy.


Today I want to share a few that we enjoy at our house in the winter month a lot. Please check out my Pinterest boards to find great recipes to try out.


Mac & Cheese

Nothing can top an old-fashioned macaroni and cheese. No, not the kind you purchase in the box, but the kind granny used to make. It’s super easy to make. All you need is noodles, good cheese, (lots of it), cream, and butter. You can find a basic recipe and then make it your own. But do try making it yourself, you won’t regret it and it’ll warm you up and make you feel happy inside. I love this recipe by the Pioneer Women, this is my ultimate Mac and Cheese recipe.


Soups & Stews

Nothing says comfort on a cold winter’s day like a nice bowl of steamy hot and creamy soup. Try potato soup, squash soup, beef stew and more. Mix it up and try new recipes. If you have a slow cooker or an electric pressure cooker (I love my Instant Pot) you can make soups that taste as if they’ve been cooked by your mother when you were sick. You just can’t beat a hot bowl of soup on a cold winter’s night in front of a fire while watching “It’s a Wonderful Life”.


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Casseroles are very popular in the winter, I just wonder why?  Probably because they tend to heat up the entire house while they cook for an hour or so in the oven. Try casseroles that have fewer ingredients or prepare the dish the night before, so it is easy just to put in the oven and have it cook while you can be off doing something else. I love this specific casserole from Pyrex, as it is very deep and so forth I can’t overflow my dishes, which has happened in the past, and no no no I do not like to clean this mess up. (But I always do).


Pot Pie

You can make your own delicious potpies with leftover soup just by using a store-bought unsweetened pie crust. Prepare the crust as directed and pour thickened soup inside, top with the top crust, put a hole in the center for venting, then bake per the pie crust instructions. Since the soup is already cooked just cook until the crust is golden. I love this classic pie dish made in France, the colors are just so lovely.



Nothing is better on a cold winter’s day than meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and cream corn. There are lots of different ways to prepare meatloaf. Essentially, it’s a combination of ground meat (can be a mixture), breadcrumbs, and spices. Usually, they also have eggs in them to hold it all together. A meatloaf tip is to form the loaf and bake it on a flat pan rather than in a loaf pan. It will come out firmer.  In my house, we love Bacon, so my husband really likes this Meatloaf recipe, as it is including bacon YUM. Thanks to The Pioneer Women for this deliciousness.


Of course, you can’t do winter without hot chocolate, or still, warm butterscotch pudding in a coffee cup served with a spoon for dessert. Everything here will be sure to please your family in the wintertime and give them comfort and warmth during even the coldest winter.


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I do cook and bake a lot, and I love having my different gadgets like my Instant Pot, my slow cooker and many other tools to make my life easy in the kitchen.


What gadgets are you using in your kitchen?


So, now get your hot cider, your hot chocolate or a bowl of soup, sit by the fireplace and watch the snowflakes coming down and putting a sparkly white blanket over everything.







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